We love meeting new clients and their furry companions. When we do a meet and greet for the first time with a potential client, we like to give a full run-down of what we do and give a quick tour of the facilities. Often times, we get asked, “What do you guys do all day with the dogs?” Today, we’ll discuss what we do and how we care for our dogs.

Many people will say to us, “Oh, you’re so lucky…you get to play with dogs all day!” Man, I wish that were true! Although we occasionally play and interact with our dogs, it’s not what we do all day long. Here is a list of all the things we do to keep your dogs safe and happy:

  1. Behavior Observation
  2. Monitor stress levels of all dogs
  3. Supervise play styles
  4. Conduct assessments
    1. Bite inhibition
    2. Energy levels
  5. Create records and notes for each dogs’ stay
    1. Personality
    2. Play styles, energy level
    3. Likes and dislikes
  6. Manage group play/activities
  7. Redirect inappropriate behaviors

This list is just the basics of what we do to keep our dogs safe, happy, and healthy. We provide plenty of playtime, activities, and games to entertain and keep everyone happy. We also provide enrichment for our dogs so they get to exercise their brains as well! At the end of the day, all of our dogs are properly exercised, well rested, happy and safe!

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