Commercial doggy daycares typically have only ONE activity, group play. Many commercial (indoor and outdoor) facilities will group dogs based on play styles, age, and temperament, then several staff will monitor and supervise the group play. However, often times, this is as far as it goes. There is no other activity which means that dogs will be exhausted, over aroused, or become moody. Imagine if you ran around, hung out, or played with your friends in the same area for 6 or more hours without a break or another area to go to!

Yes, group play is just ONE of the activities we have at Gburgpetsitters. In addition to group play, we have designated nap times, snack times, and even training times. We monitor and supervise group play outdoors in our large fenced backyard. We also interact and play with the group. We have flirt poles, tennis balls, frisbees, plush toys, chew toys, etc. The dogs LOVE the flirt poles!

We also have designated nap times because we understand that dogs need rest after play as much as we do. I know if I don’t get the proper rest, I become a tad moody. And just like us, dogs will become grumpy or moody if they don’t have proper rest time. We have a special area just for nap time so we can dim the lights, put on some classical music and watch the dogs konk out!

After the dogs are ready for round 2 or 3 of play, we switch up our activities and provide some basic training and even snacks! Our basic training involves teaching and reinforcing fundamental behaviors like sit, down, and stay. Our snack time involves KONKS filled with yogurt, peanut butter, canned pumpkin, cheese, carrots, celery, etc. Our dogs will spend up to 45 minutes snacking on their snacks.

After some training and snacks, the dogs are ready to go home! We like to prepare our dogs for pick up by giving them one last group play and maybe even a quick brushing or grooming. If you’d like to see more of what we do for daycare or overnights, check out our Facebook and Instagram page!