Safety is our top priority for all of our dogs here. For that reason, we created our dog handling policies to ensure the safety and happiness of each dog. Our policies cover:


  1. Play area activity level
    1. We understand dogs need close supervision for group play. For this reason, we discourage horseplay and exuberant activity by our staff. Our job is to monitor the dogs activity, not to create unruly play between dogs. All interaction with dogs are calm and controlled.
  2. Picking up, handling, moving dogs
    1. We refrain from picking up dogs while they are in the play area. Picking up dogs will often cause other dogs to jump in the air and nip at the staff or the dog. If dogs need to be moved, we will intervene and use a leash to move the larger dogs away from the smaller dogs. Also, we do NOT use physical force to move our dogs; we use our body language, voice, and/or slip-lead or leash.
  3. Fighting
    1. In addition to monitoring and supervising, our primary job is to identify early warning signs of aggression and intervene before a fight occurs. If a dog gets into a fight, we attempt to break them up by using a spray bottle or creating loud noises to redirect their attention. If these methods do not work, we will physically intervene; we grab the back legs and quickly pull the dogs apart and immediately let go. As soon as each dog is separated, we create both dogs for 15-20 minutes and check for injuries. 
  4. New dog introductions
    1. During new dog introductions, we look for stress signals like stiffness, high-tail carriage, and flattened ears. Here is our process for on-leash greetings
      1. We remove all daycares from the introduction area
      2. Bring the NEW dog into daycare on leash and allow him to explore the area.
      3. Introduce one calm, on-leash, daycare dog into the play area to meet and greet the new dog.
      4. We watch for appropriate greeting behaviors (sideways approach, sniffing the face and rear-end. We also watch for stress and warning signals. If the dogs do OK, we take them off leash. 
      5. We introduce the rest of the daycares by repeating steps 1-3 until we have 3 or 4 daycares off leash. 
      6. We never throw a new dog into group play without FIRST doing our 1-1 introductions!


These basic policies keep our dogs and staff safe, calm, and happy! Check out our Facebook and Instagram to learn more about how we do what we do!