How We Got Started

Gaithersburg Pet Sitters is a local, family owned business established in 2018 by myself, Chris, my wife Patty, and our pit-mix rescue, Pepper. 

From a very young age, I had an affinity for animals, especially dogs. My family always had a dog or two as part of the family and I was the one who always asked to walk, feed, bathe, and play with the dog. I never had the opportunity to have a dog when I was young, but I got a lot of experience from taking care of my family’s, friend’s, and the neighbor’s dog. Growing up without a dog felt a little lonely, so my dreams came true when my wife and I rescued our first puppy, Pepper, at just 10 weeks old!

We were so excited and ready to spoil her rotten! We quickly realized the importance of training, proper socialization, and setting boundaries. My wife and I began to seek professional training and education to provide Pepper with an enriched and fulfilling life. We taught Pepper the basics like sit, down, high-five, and stay. We’re working on roll-over and eventually we want her to fetch us a beer from the fridge, but that’s a long-term goal! ?

We recently got our certification in Dog Training Foundations from the Karen Pryor Academy. We’ve also taken multiple training classes from Your Dog’s Friend in Rockville and learned some positive reinforcement training techniques. But most importantly, we’ve also learned and created some really cool canine enrichment games and activities because we believe in building a positive relationship and bond with dog as the foundation for great training. Patty and I LOVE dogs and believe they should live and socialize in a safe pack in order to keep them healthy and happy.

This is the platform on which we run our entire business, so that you can rest assured knowing that your pets are not just lounging the day away wh

ile you’re gone. Your dogs are receiving an enriching and positive experience, while playing, exercising their mind and body, and feeling loved all at the same time!

Want to know our plans for our life and business moving forward? Check out our blog post, Where Are We Going? here.