It’s great to have options when you’re searching for a vet.

If you’ve ever wondered about holistic veterinary medicine, we have a great interview for you with a local holistic veterinarian, Dr. Pema Choepel Mallu of Holistic Veterinary Healing in Germantown, MD. She and her colleague, Dr. Kitty Raichura, established Holistic Veterinary Healing in 2013. Dr. Mallu also received her master’s degree in Acupuncture in 2010 and we are excited to share with you our interview with her.


Why did you choose veterinary medicine as a career? 

”I knew when I was 5 yrs old i was going to be a vet, I began working in vet hospitals when I was 14 and never did anything else but vet med and i am now 66.”


What is the most common case you’ve seen as your time as a vet?

”Allergies and Cancer”


What is the most preventable case you see as a vet? 

”Skin allergies and ear infections and gi problems with the correct diet and fewer vaccines”


Do you have a ‘most interesting’ case? 

”We are seeing great results for cats with chronic kidney disease treating them with uvb ozone iv therapy”


What options are available to pet parents who can’t afford the cost of a vet bill? 

”Get away from multiple vaccines and feed raw or home cooked diets and no dry processed food”


Any specific questions you should ask a vet when considering their practice? 

”Will you allow me the pet owner to ask questions about your suggested health and treatment plan? will you allow me to be present for procedures on my pet? do you believe in alternative medicine? do you believe i may be knowledgeable about the care of my pet? how long have you been practicing medicine?”


Should you ask the vet about his philosophies regarding care? 

“YES For example, does he agree with alternative medicine?”


There you have it! We hope this interview shed some light on alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine. 


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