The Invoices page allows you to see and pay for any outstanding invoices for your account.

To start, click the “Invoices” link at the top of the page.

Currently, we only accept Credit Card payments. To add a new card to your account:

  1. Click the blue ‘Payment Methods’ button
  2. Click the green ‘Add Card to Account’ button
  3. Add Credit Card information
  4. Save and you’re done!

Paying an Invoice

To make a payment, click on the green “Make A Payment” button.

To select an invoice that you want to pay, click on the row and enter the amount you want to pay (by default the total balance due is selected).

To add an optional tip, click the “Add Tip” button. Use the drop down to select a percentage or choose ‘Custom’ to enter your desired amount.

When ready, click the “Pay With Credit Card” button.

Click the “Submit Payment” button to finalize and submit the payment.



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