Set Up Your New Account

Once you’ve logged into your account and created a new password, you can update your info and start scheduling services.

Let’s start with updating your personal and pet(s) info!

Update ‘My Info’

Navigate to “My Info” at the top of the screen. From here, you can update your contact info, address, and emergency contact.

When you’re finished updating your info, click “Update Information” at the bottom of the screen.

Add a New Pet

Navigate to “Pets” to add a pet or update any information about them. To add a new pet, click on the “New Pets” button to begin.

Basic Details About Your Pet

Using the new screen, fill out as many details about your pet as you can. Optionally, you can also attach a picture to help us better identify your pet.

When done adding your pet’s details, click the “Save Pet” button at the bottom of the screen.

Edit Your Pet’s Details

If you want to change any details about your pet change or want to add a new pet, you can edit or add a pet profile. Click the ‘Edit’ button for the pet’s information you want to edit.

The same screen you use to add a new pet will appear. Update your information in here and then click the “Save Pet” button.

PLEASE NOTE: Your pet and personal info on file must be complete and up to date and your billing information must be updated before we can create a service order for you and schedule a ‘Meet and Greet.’



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